Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fukushima, Japan nuclear news update

Conditions appear to have stabilized on site. Grid power is now available in all the units. However, electrical equipment still must be checked before it can be switched on. Obviously, getting cooling systems back into operation is a priority. The lights are on in the control room for reactor three, and bringing this back into service will enable better monitoring of the situation. Operations to add water to the spent fuel pools of Reactor 3 and 4 continues. A concrete pumper with an extending boom has been brought in to provide water at unit 4. However, aerial surveillance suggests that water doesn't stay in the pools, and that they are leaking.

Some radiation has been detected leaking into the ocean.

The bottom line is that the situation is stable but still not safe.

When the Reactor buildings at unit 2 and unit 4 suffered explosions on March 15th, the blasts occurred within 6 minutes of each other. I think that this is odd. Perhaps it indicates that the explosions were somehow linked.

pdf status report from JAIF

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